Amazon Fire TV (Stick): How to Use Your Phone as Remote Control

An alternative way to control your Fire TV is the official Remote App from Amazon. This article explains how to setup the App (available for iOS, Android and Amazon Hardware) and what features it has (with some bonus for Fire TV Stick users). Surely one of the best ways to control your Fire TV.


Voices search for Fire TV Stick and Keyboard input

Nice for Fire TV Stick users: You can use the voice search with the App and save the 30$ for an additional Remote with Voice capabilities (because the Remote with Voice Search isn’t included when you buy an Amazon Fire TV Stick).

If you like Keyboard input better than Voice Search or the virtual Keyboard on the Fire TV, all users can benefit from the Phone Keyboard (button in the upper right corner of the App). The Voice Button button only works for customers in the USA, UK, Germany, Austria, Japan and India.

How to use the Remote App

It’s very easy to use the Fire TV Remote App because it’s similar to the normal hardware Remote. Some people even say that this is the best way to control your Fire TV.

  • Click / Tap on the pad to select an item (so the same as the round button in the middle of the Remote
  • The navigation buttons from the Remote (up / down / left / right) aren’t clicks but swipes on the pad of the Remote App (see pictures).


How to pair a Remote App with Fire TV

You have to do the following steps to pair the Remote App on your Phone with the Fire TV (Stick):

  • Make sure that the Phone with App and the Fire TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network
  • Launch the app and select your Amazon Fire TV
  • Your TV displays a code. Enter this code on your Phone.

Done. You can see all of the remote apps that are paired with your Amazon Fire TV device under “Settings > Controllers and Bluetooth Devices > Fire TV Remotes”.

Do games work with the Remote App?

Of course, you can try to play games. But Amazon says: “The Fire TV Remote App is not designed to play games. Some games might work, but performance will vary. The app does not currently support Second Screen or Display Mirroring.” So if you really want to play games you should better use the regular Remote or the Gamepad (there are also Gamepad available for Fire TV). The Remote App isn’t the best for gamers.

Download links and supported OS

You can download the Remote Apps for the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick (1.4.1 or higher) here:

And the best is: You can try this for free – just install the App. If you don’t like it, you haven’t spend any money. And this kind of Remote doesn’t need any batteries.

Further Links:
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      1. I had the firestick app on my phone at home but my firestick was turning itself on at all hours so I got rid of the app and used my regular stick remote.
        I brought my stick on Vacation but forgot my remote 🙁
        I remembered the app the app was in iCloud so I downloaded it and I cant pair with the same stick on a different tv so I brought the stick for nothing ! I have the wifi password too.

        1. You could have set up the wifi sharing on your phone with the same ssid and password as your home network to get connected with it first. Then changed the firestick to the new wifi, which will disconnect the phone as a remote, then turn of wifi sharing on the phone and connect it to the new wifi and reconnect it to the firestick. Walla!!!!

    1. In short, you can’t. I’ve read somewhere a way to do it, but unless you are a hacker or coder, forget it.

    2. Vizio
      It will work on their TV with their remote!
      Connect it to your WiFi then you can possibly transfer it to another tv and use an app on your phone.

  1. My samsung peel smart remote was able to control the fire tv to get it connected to wifi using the generic tv remote

        1. Weirdly while reading this in a hotel with firestick and no remote I pressed the ok button on the Philips tv remote and it controlled the firestick. Once network selected using tv remote I could pair the fire remote app on my phone before entering the email address the hotel wifi was asking for. Needed this as couldn’t type in with tv remote. All working

    1. Like what did you select (streaming media player or HDMI Switch) and if one of those options, what’s the brand or model you selected and how did you get them to sync?

    1. make sure you have your phone set to ‘wifi’ and connected to the same network the fire stick is connected to. That was my problem.

      1. What do you mean “connected to the same wifi network” I cannot change the fire-stick network which was set up on another TV as it was set to that TV to which I no longer have access. It worked well on the other TV.

      2. We cant connect the firestick to the wifi and we cant connect the remote to the firestick because the firstick is not connected to the wifi so how do we get the new remote or app or whatever to connect to the fire stick so we can connect the fire stick to the wifi

  2. Hi i have a matrix spliter. i have put my firestick into it but it does not let me change channels.

    I know the remote has bluetooth capabilities but does it also have any infrared settings? If so do you know where the infrared window is on the firestick?


  3. I used the app to make my phone the remote but now I’m leaving the house so How do I make the TV remote work again so my family can control the TV without my phone?

  4. I love your posts, thanks.

    Separate question: do you know if you can use speakers on an AirPort Extreme as the output source for audio from a fire stick? Hoping to use wifi speakers rather than Bluetooth. Cheers!

  5. I’ve just factory reset my fire stick, but now it’s asking me to pair my remote with the stick to get it set up again, however I only have the app. Because it’s factory reset, its now forgotten the WiFi and my app, so how do I pair it?

  6. I’ve just factory reset my fire stick, but now it’s asking me to pair my remote with the stick to get it set up again, however I only have the app. Because it’s factory reset, its now forgotten the WiFi and my app, so how do I pair it?

  7. As with the last 2 questions, same. How do I pair the remote app to the fire stick when I need to press the home key to start the fire stick set up BUT can’t get a home key without already having the fire stick set up to have access on the remote app.

  8. My firestick remote broke n i go off an optimum hotspot, so it loggs out after an hr r 2. I downloaded the ap on my phone, but im not conected to Internet cause i cant log in w out the remote….what do i do? I cant conect to any internet w out having the remote…..??? Help

  9. Trying to use my I phone6 as remote for my fire stick don’t know the “code” that was mentioned not sure how to get firestick app on my phone (DONT KNOW ALOT ABOUT THIS),also have ROKU BOX IS IT BETTER THAN FIRE STICK?

  10. I put a VPN on my Firestick and now I can’t control it with the phone app bcuz they have to be connected on the same network. My dog chewed up my remote. I don’t have my tv remote either. HELP!

    1. If you are not able to stream anything online due to Fire Stick Remote Not Working, don’t fret it. There are a lot of ways you can fix your problem; troubleshooting, reset, reaching out to expert customer support technician and visiting a service center are among them.

  11. I’ve purchased a brand new Amazon fire TV stick from the Amazon but when I switch on the fire stick it working properly but suddenly the device’s remote is unable to change anything. It seems the Amazon fire stick remote not working. Please help!

  12. Nice way if you run out of batteries 🙂 Last week I couldn’t find new batteries so I’ve just downloaded this App. Battery free 😉

  13. Do I unplug my fire stick before leaving the house? There isn’t a off button. Does it hurt to leave it plugged in?

  14. Dropped my remote in coffee this morning…it stopped working during a Resurrection binge 😭😱started researching -while my remote is sitting in warm rice..I downloaded and it is working great for now….I have wireless internet and it popped up both of my firestix…

  15. I downloaded the firetv remote app, it paired to the fire stick no problem. A few days later when I tried to use it, it wouldn’t connect. Why? How can I fix it?

  16. So the too and bottom of it is that it’s only any use providing you have your Fire Stick remote available initially to get the stick connected to the Wifi or you’ve connected it to that Wifi previously – not a lot of use is you’re away from home on a different wifi network. If you’ve got the remote available to connect the stick to the wifi initially, then what’s the point of using your phone? (Incidentally, while it may have been true that the stick did not come with a voice control remote when this was first posted, it certainly isn’t in the UK now or when I bought mine in 2017 – it comes with a voice remote as standard, so I really don’t see the benefit of the app).

    1. In my experiences, I use the App in the following situations:
      – The Remote is ‘temporarily missing’ (kids played with it, you put it somewhere in the house, you just can’t find it at the moment…)
      – you are already using your phone, so the App is just ‘one click away’ (too lazy to stand up and get the Remote)
      – Your remote doesn’t work anymore, so you don’t have to buy a new one and can still use your Fire TV
      – you’re sitting at the end of your big living room on a table and want to start or stop something for your small kids (you don’t have go for the Remote).

      So I would say: Mostly convenience. And for it’s not App OR Remote, it’s App AND Remote.

  17. I can’t log in to the Apple Store on my phone to install any apps. Login works fine on my desktop; must be my 70 year old eyes and fingers. I can’t even figure out how to turn off the unwanted two-factor authentication. Apple devices are strictly for the under 30 crowd. Apple has clearly never heard of the ADA; hope somebody sues them good. I’ll never buy another one.

  18. After multiple tries, I thought I finally go to the app install. But it doesn’t complete; the App Store comes back to asking for my password again. How do I get this app installed without having to use the App Store? Thanks.

  19. I just wanted to say a big thank you for sharing this information! It worked perfectly! My husband lost our fire stick remote and this is a great solution. I really appreciate it! Thank you again!

  20. I am using Peel smart remote app for the past 3 years and I must say this app is one of the best smart remote apps. With all-in-one features this app can not only work on TV but also I can control my other appliances like Ac, Home Theatre, Dvd player and Set-top Box.

  21. I dont have the remote and have a different wifi connection how can I program my fire stick to my phone

  22. Great article it worked for my gfs KINDLE and works on my Android same time with 2 different codes! We didn’t wanna have to buy a new remote

  23. The remote that s included with Fire TV Stick and Fire TV devices works great, and it s small, so it doesn t take up a lot of space. That compact size makes it alarmingly easy to lose though, and even if you have a Fire TV Cube, or a Fire TV Stick that s connected to an Echo Dot, you still need the remote to navigate certain menus.

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