Remote App for controlling Apple TV and iTunes

With the Apple Remote App, you can control the playback of your content in iTunes and Apple TV in a very flexible way. In this article I will show you two different scenarios to control your streaming by using the Remote App with an iOS device.

Remote App as replacement for your Apple Remote

Remote App controls Apple TV

You can use the Apple Remote App in a very obvious way: As substitute for your Apple Remote which came with your Apple TV. Your iOS device acts as a trackpad and lets you control the Apple TV by using simple gestures. Especially the use of the iOS keyboard is much faster and more comfortable than clicking the letters on the TV screen.


The Apple Remote App is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch (download link at the end of the article).

Remote App controls iTunes on your Mac

Another way to use the Remote App: Control iTunes on your Mac which streams your content to the Apple TV (via AirPlay).

Remote App controls Apple TV

The great thing is that the App can handle several devices. You can switch between them just clicking the „Devices” button in the upper left corner.

If the Remote App is connected to iTunes on a Mac, you can browse through your iTunes content. You can also control the AirPlay options remotely which allows you to send your videos from your Mac to the Apple TV (or your audio to an AirPort Express).



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Link: Download Apple Remote App
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